Frequently Asked Questions

Stand a chance to win prizes when you purchase Elyna Pass

Elyna Pass

What is Elyna Pass by Wedding Mate?

The Elyna Pass is an exclusive membership that entitles users to enjoy 5% or 10% discounts from any Elyna Premium vendors in WeddingMate Malaysia

How can I get the Elyna Pass?

You can only purchase the Elyna Pass through our website. Once purchased, you will receive a confirmation email on your purchase and the physical card will be delivered to your doorstep.

How does the discount work for Elyna Pass?

You just show your Elyna Pass card to any Elyna Premium vendor once you have confirmed to make a booking.

How long will it take to receive the Elyna Pass?

The delivery will take 3 to 5 working days.

Where can I find the Elyna Premium Vendors?

You can find Elyna Premium Vendors on the WeddingMate website or app. Then look for a vendor with an ELYNA PASS Discount badge on their business profile.

How many categories can I use for Elyna Pass?

There are 29 wedding categories available in WeddingMate and you can only choose one vendor for each category.

Can I use the Elyna pass 2 times for 1 category?

We are sorry, but you can only use the Elyna Pass 1 time for each category based on the terms and conditions (T&C). We will terminate your card if you breach the T&C.

Can I book without meeting with Elyna Premium vendors?

Yes, you can. You just have to give your name and your Elyna Pass membership to the vendor and make sure the vendor submits a QR booking form.

Is the booking payment directly paid to the vendors?

Yes, the booking payment will be directly paid to the vendors.

What is the validity for Elyna Pass?

The Elyna pass is valid for 1 year after the date of purchase.

What if I lost my Elyna Pass Card?

There is no replacement for a new card. However, you may use your Elyna Pass membership ID that you received in an email. You can still continue to make a booking. 

Can I give my Elyna Pass to someone else?

No, the card is non-transferable and non-exchangeable. If we discover this your Elyna Pass will be terminated automatically. 

Can I use my Elyna Pass with any wedding vendors in Malaysia?

The Elyna pass can only be used with registered vendors under Elyna Premium vendors which are available in WeddingMate.

What if the Elyna Premium vendors refuse to give discounts when customers show their Elyna Pass Card?

If any vendors refuse to offer any discount, please email us here, we will take action immediately.

Vendor cannot give me a discount due to verification problem?

Please email us here, we will help you to solve the problem. 

I've used the Elyna Pass on a few categories, should I deactivate my Elyna Pass?

Yes, you should deactivate your Elyna Pass so that you can join our contest for a chance to win prizes.

How can I deactivate my Elyna Pass?

Your Elyna Pass will be deactivated automatically after 1 year from the date of purchase.


How can I join the contest?

You need to deactivate both Elyna Pass memberships in order to join the contest.

Can i join the contest while I'm using the Elyna Pass?

No, you must make sure that you have completed your bookings before joining the contest

Where will you announce the winners of the contest?

The winners will be announced through all our social media platforms and the winners will also be emailed.

How can I submit to join the contest?

You may go to the link: Deactivate Pass, and fill up a form to submit your contest application.


Where can I purchase the Elyna Pass?

You can purchase Elyna Pass by clicking the Get Elyna Pass or get it here

How long does it take to receive the pass?

Delivery will take within 2-4 days

Can i buy Elyna Pass on any other platform?

No. We do not sell Elyna Pass on other platforms except on our main website: https://elynapass.weddingmate.my/

Do I need to pay the delivery charges?

No need. We will take care of that.

Where can i track my order?

You can track your order on your account on order tab https://elynapass.weddingmate.my/my-account/orders/

Where can I see the purchase history?

You can see your order history on your account on order tab https://elynapass.weddingmate.my/my-account/orders/

Manage Account

Where can i find my account?
Do I need to complete my profile?

Yes, please complete your profile for a smooth experience in the future.

i have a problem with my account

If you have any problem with your account, please contact us at support@elynapass.weddingmate.my

I can't edit my profile account

Please contact our support at support@elynapass.weddingmate.my

Can I share my account with others?

No. You can’t share your account with other people

Where can i request a new password?

Please request a new password by clicking forgot password here https://elynapass.weddingmate.my/forgot_password/


How to register?

You can register your account here https://elynapass.weddingmate.my/register/

is the IC number really needed?

Yes, we need it to verify information on the vendor side

Can i buy Elyna Pass without registration?

No, you need to register your account with us so we can deliver your pass with the information that you have submitted.

Can i edit my profile?
I forgot my password. How to retrieve?

Please request forgot password here https://elynapass.weddingmate.my/forgot_password/

or contact support

Can i delete my account?

Yes. Please email us at support@elynapass.weddingmate.my regarding your request

Referral Program

What is referral program?

Referral program is a way to help you generate side income

Where can i sign up as a referral program user?

You can create an account by register first on our website https://elynapass.weddingmate.my/register/

Did i need to pay to join your program?

No need. It’s FREE.

Where can i check the statistic my referrer?
Can i make money with referral program?

Yes, for sure. You just need to share your unique link that can be found on Rewards section to Social Media. Create an interesting content to attract user to click your link

Can i claimed a free pass with your referral program?

Yes, with certain amount that you collect from your referral link, you can claim it on Rewards page.

Affiliate Program

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a way for you to generate some money. We will select any possible individuals to join our program.

What criteria do I need to join the Affiliate Program?

You need to be famous with many followers, active and creative on social media.

Will I get paid when joining the affiliate program?

We will provide you with a free sample of Elyna Pass with some extra money from us.

Can everyone join the affiliate program?

Yes, everyone is welcome to join our program but we only select qualified applicants to join our program. So, you will be on the waiting list if you are not selected yet.

Will I get a commission if someone buys using my exclusive discount code?

Yes, you will receive a commission for every purchase made using your exclusive discount code.

How to claim the commission that I have generated?

You can check on your affiliate profile dahboard -> payout request